Medical Record Retrieval For Trial Attorneys

Your Medical Record Retrieval Just Got Smarter… And Easier.

• Comprehensive Retrieval Portal

• Medical Intelligence Dashboards®

• Deferred Payment Billing

Go From Chaos…. To Clarity.

It’s Time For Record Retrieval To Just Work Well

Complete Clarity

A robust HIPAA secure online portal shows the status and key data of all retrievals.


Instant Understanding

Key medical data is pulled & displayed on a Medical Intelligence Dashboard.

25x Your Cash

Client invoices are only due when the case settles.

Stay Updated

Alerts let you know when records have been received.

Just Like You, We Believe…


Records Matter

Medical records are critical in legal cases. The information in them will make or break your cases.  


Service Matters

Medical record retrieval is not a product. It is a key professional service like a good case expert.


Speed Matters

You need real time data on what has been requested, and the status of each request. And of course, you need your records quickly.


Your Cash Matters

Your cash is important to you. Overspending on medical records each month is not a good use of your cash.

Organize and Understand Your Client’s Medical Records… Quickly

Do any of these sound familiar?

Red flags that hide in the medical records, only to be discovered months later when defense counsel points them out. How much time and money have you invested in the case at that point?

Testing or treatments that are recommended but never followed up on for your client. You can’t prove your client’s damages without medical testing to substantiate such.

Getting records from defense that your client “forgot” to tell you about. Defense got paid to read all the records, and they found that key medical provider your client forgot to tell you about.

“RecordPartner has been great to use. Their service is fantastic, the records come in fast, and not having to deal with payment for our client records until the end of the case is a game changer. Highly recommend them!”

Daniel Poolson, Jr.

Poolson Oden Law Firm

Optimize Your Record Retrieval

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